Content Delivery Network (CDN)

SharkCDN is an independently-researched and developed dispatching system that intelligently distributes globally-located acceleration nodes to users based on their access location. By assigning the nearest resources to users, SharkCDN improves web services capacity, network access quality, download speeds and reduces response time, providing in smoother user experience.

Static Content Acceleration

Targeted at portals and e-commerce sites, SharkCDN caches static content such as web pages, HTML, CSS, JS, images and files onto the nodes to accelerate the distribution process. Visitors will be able to access the content from the nearest node and load complex content in seconds, significantly improving web access speeds and reducing site response time, leading to better user experience.

Dynamic Network Acceleration

Enjoy a fast, stable and secure dynamic request acceleration with our extensive network of acceleration nodes, a large reserve of direct connections and an intelligent scheduling system. Slow response, packet loss, service instability and other issues caused by transnational, cross-carrier or network uncertainty will be a thing of the past.

Audio and Video Streaming Acceleration

Our globally distributed acceleration nodes ensure high availability and a speedy transfer service even during peak periods and high concurrent access, promising audio and video streaming users a stable and smooth playback experience.

Download Distribution Acceleration

Using multi-level cache convergence and standby resources to ease the pressure on the origin, SharkCDN provides a stable and high-quality download acceleration, with the capacity to support massive traffic bursts. This is especially useful for sites that require a fast download user experience, such as those hosting game installation packages, application package downloads, mobile phone ROM upgrades and more.

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