Domain Name Service (DNS)

SharkDNS provides a safe and reliable DNS System management service by using a specialized resolution server to convert the domain name to the corresponding IP address. With a huge processing capacity, flexible scalability, and security capabilities, SharkDNS provides a fast and stable domain name resolution experience for your website.

SharkDNS Resolution Process

  • A record
  • NS record
  • MX record
  • CAA record
  • SRV record
  • TXT record
  • AAAA record
  • CNAME record
  • Wildcard DNS Record Resolution
  • Intelligent Analysis
  • Domain Alias Resolution
  • Server Weights Analysis
  • Search Engine Analysis
  • Superior Protection
  • Stable Resolution
  • Origin Alert Notification
  • Per-minute Monitoring Frequency
  • Regional Carrier-Level Breakdown
  • Batch Operations
  • Multiple Account Logins
  • Custom Paths
  • Custom Monitoring Modes
  • Custom Load Balancing
  • Custom explicit and implicit URLs

Products Benefits

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