Game Application Acceleration

Game Application Acceleration is targeted at applications with characteristics of peak game traffic surge and frequent data interaction. Using our intelligent dispatching technology, high-quality bandwidth resources, and data collected, game content is distributed to our network-wide acceleration nodes to improve content loading speed. By enhancing the platform’s capability for stable operations, you can optimize the user experience while reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Solution Summary

SharkCDN’s Game Application Acceleration Solution is a specially-developed acceleration service for web games, mobile games, and the like. It mitigates game disruption and connectivity issues arising from attacks through the use of massive bandwidth resources and defense strategies. The high-performance node servers ensure peak period capacity for high concurrent traffic, to guarantee a smooth gaming experience while resisting attacks at the same time.

Solution Architecture

Solution Benefits

  • Comprehensive Defense Strategy
  • Premium Bandwidth Resources
  • High performance node
  • Seamless API connection
  • 24 hours Technical Support

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