Static Content Acceleration

Static Content Acceleration uses an intelligent dispatching system to distribute static files with lower update frequency such as text, images and videos to the edge nodes of the CDN network. Our goal is to help you meet your end-users’ needs for nearby access while to significantly improving end-user access experience. Choose to update the static content regularly or as and when needed according to your needs.

Solution Summary

Through the use of globally distributed edge nodes, multiple high-speed direct connection paths between nodes, and intelligent scheduling technology, SharkCDN eases the pressure on the origin server and effectively prevents a single-node failure from affecting global access. Not only does SharkCDN meet your expansion needs, but it also guarantees users nearby access and improves page response speed, providing end-users with a better access experience.

Solution Benefits

Wide Area Coverage

900+ nodes, global coverage, nearby access for users.

Strong Scalability

Abundant bandwidth reserve eliminates the need for origin to purchase redundant bandwidth for burst traffic.

Safety Guarantee

Hides your source site information to effectively protect the source server from attack threats.

Stable & Reliable

Multiple connection paths available as a backup to ensure stable service.

Simple & Easy to Use

No need for additional equipment, one-click settings, deploys in seconds.

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