Video Streaming Acceleration

Video Streaming Acceleration is the collective distribution of streaming content from on-demand or live broadcast sites to network nodes in various regions. Our node clusters at the network edge provide a stable and reliable acceleration service for end-users while reducing the load on the source server and easing the pressure on the source site during peak periods. This also prevents network congestion and saves bandwidth resources.

Solution Summary

The SharkCDN Video Streaming Acceleration Solution helps you provide fast and stable live and on-demand video services to your users around the world. The SharkCDN intelligent dispatching system assigns the closest and fastest-responding video streaming acceleration node to each access request, ensuring that end users can access the highest-quality video content from all over the world. Concerns such as heavy pressure on the source server and network performance during real-time transmissions, edge node stability and high storage capacity demands of video playback, and peak bandwidth demand will no longer be an issue.

Solution Architecture

Solution Benefits

  • Intelligent Network Distribution Technology
  • Support Multiple Formats
  • Real-time Data Transmission Protocol Optimization
  • Sufficient Bandwidth Reserve and Storage Space
  • Global Nodes Coverage
  • Real-time Usage Statistics

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